hey there , assalamualaikum :)
I just meet with this one boy and I think we are suit together xD
okay , perasan gilerr .
and mama , this is your future son in law ;

ouh God , I fall in love with him .
tolong laa , die hensem giler nak mampos !


I wish I could get one chance just to meet with you :/

 sumpah , nak ter - cabot jantong mula-2 tengok dia :)
love at the first sight

ouhh mannnn , he is fucking awesome !

 semasa sedang meng- google pict hot beliau , I found this one belog .
she met with Aeril Zafrel and snap a few pict with him !
OMGee , jealous much -,-

you awesome AERIL ZAFREL ♥  

the blue one :) 
and sorry for viewing a lot of his pict .
I just can't stop myself . ngee ~

last three word for you , i adore you .
dear Aeril Zafrel , will you be my boy ?

segala LIKE dan komen , amat amat di hargai . iloveyouu! :D

5 flying kiss ♥:

Nur Asyiqin said...

Hensem gila la XD

Elahh Booncet said...
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Azeanthy Paiman said...

he is too handsome than what i thought!=)

Elahh Booncet said...

@Nur Asyiqin ofcoz laa ;D

Elahh Booncet said...

@Azeanthy Paiman watch out , he's mine xD lol .