ceh , tajok post mmg taleh blah tahap kerek da .
It's my fault .

13 03 2011 .
today supposed to be a great day for me but I messed it .
well done Elah , you have done such a great thing .
yeah , terlajak perahu bole di undur .
terlajak kate ? mampos laa kau .
stupid me right ?
I deserved to have this .
awak , Im missing you lyke hell here :'(
and others , can you pleasee stop blame on me ?
even its was my fault , you shouldn't keep saying it as it doesn't make things better
so , let's stop it .
okay deal :)
Its should be 9 months since we've been together till today .
still rememba , 13 July 2010 ?
I rememba all the things bout you :'(

really really need someone here right now .
someone that can hugs me andd calm me down :(
someone that can borrow me their shoulders .
someone that can gimme a strength .
someone pleaseeee ? >.<
Dear A , I promise you that I will neva stop loving you till the end of the day .
hold on to that promise , and I will .
no worries :)

Dear God , the only things I ask from you is to hold her when Im not around , when Im too far away . We all need the person who can be true to you but I left her when I found her and now I wish she would stay because Im lonely , Im tired and Im missing you again .

and this , hoping that it wasn't for me .
It hurts me . and I know , it hurts you more .
Im the one that promise to love you tightly but Im the one who makes you hurt much .
stupid me !
hoping that when I close my eyes , everything was just fine .
and everything that just happen was just only a nightmare.
I hope so :'(
and and , I miss the tyme when Im with you .

really hope that one day you will realize
how much I love you
maah banyok , aku jiwo arineh . ari ari pon meme aku jiwo -.-'
and others yg di maksodkn tuh ,
kau tk paam ape aku rase , so pleasee mind your own business .
just ignore my stupid english :)

segala LIKE dan komen , amat amat di hargai . iloveyouu! :D

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